I enjoy the Bible. It’s more than a great book to read, it’s my lifeline. I believe it’s God’s Word to mankind and is worthy to not only be studied but to be lived! I love the New International Version (NIV), but lately have been diggin’ the English Standard Version (ESV). 



I enjoy a cup of Caribou Coffee and love the experience of sitting in one of the stores. My favorite drink is probably the “Mocha” although once in a while I go for one of the other tasty drinks.


Chick-fil-a – YUMMY! I love the chicken sandwich, the closest one to us in MN is on the campus of the University. But they are very popular in the south. I believe the company was founded by Christians and their standards and values are very cool. 
I’m a big NJ Nets fan! I grew up in NJ, fell in love with the team when they were a bunch of blue-collar team first players. I haven’t waivered since and try to watch 80% of the games and follow them on the web regularly. (Yeah, I’m a fan!) 
I’m a fan of all things “Mac”. Love my ipod, enjoy my MacBook Pro and enjoy all the fun things they can do. I’m not one of those snobs who thinks all PC’s are horrible, I think we can co-exist. I just feel I’ve got the right machine for what I do. 
Lisa and I discovered “Carrabbas” early on in our marriage and we’ve been hungry for it ever since. We like to eat there whenever we’re in Florida or any other place they are located. We are bummed they aren’t in MN.

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