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We’re currently in our “Untangling the Mess” series which I pray has been very helpful for people. The reality is both me and I’m sure lots of us have unnecessary stress and worry because of the way we approach our lives, the degree to which we trust God and the way we process events that happen to us. If we could move in this area, just imagine what our lives could be like everyday?

So where do we go after this series? Well, this series will take us through May 2nd. On May 9th we’re starting a new series (which I haven’t landed on a title for yet) going verse by verse through the book of Titus. WOW – how eye-opening has this study been for me? Great stuff and I can’t wait to share what God has shown me as I’ve gone through this. You may want to read it now a few times to get yourself familiar with it.

Then, this summer, the plan is to work our way through the Old Testament book of Psalms. Psalms is one of what’s called, “the wisdom books” (as opposed to historical books or prophetical books). Since there are 150 chapters in Psalms we won’t have time to cover it all, but the hope is to choose various Psalms each Sunday and teach through it. This will be a great summer study and I’m hoping also to provide us a chance to hear from a few other speakers this summer to, so we can benefit from how God is working in others’ lives and hearts. I really am looking forward to this very honest book and it’s wise direction for our lives.

Still debating between 1-2 books of the Bible for late September/October, so it would be premature to share that now. But needless to say – I think we’ve got some great ground to cover these next several months. I really hope you’ll be around in dig into God’s Word with us!!

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