Hope So Vs Jesus Hope


Hope is a critical attribute in life. Without hope, we’re done. It’s hope that gives us the energy to push through when things are difficult. It’s hope that helps us persevere when everything in us wants to give up. But the problem is most of what we call “hope” is not really hope at all. We live in a world that is best at “hope so” which is essentially, “this might be ok”. There is little assurance in that kind of hope. It’s all up in the air and circumstantial. It doesn’t change us it just takes our odds from 0% to 25 or 50% — but come on, how “hopeful” is that? The problem is that that is the best the world can offer us. Sure we can do things to up our odds of success, but it’s so temperamental and unstable.

Jesus hope is completely different. When Jesus rose from the dead He conquered death and demonstrated once again how He is over all things and there is nothing too hard for Him. The kind of hope that Jesus brings is best defined as “joyful expectation”. It’s a confidence, a security, and a peace regardless of the circumstances. It’s not hoping or believing real hard to make something come true. It’s the secure confidence that it WILL be okay, not “hope” the way we typically mean the word. It’s kind of like a kid of Christmas morning. He has no doubt that he will get presents because he knows they’re under the tree. He is joyfully expecting the presents knowing they’ve already been purchased and wrapped for him. Jesus purchased life for us by giving His own life. It’s done and because of that hope is secure and solid.

Now, let me be clear, this is not a “name it and claim it” scheme. I’m not saying that every situation will work out the way we want it to because we “hope”. Our hope isn’t in our situations or even our own desires. Our hope is in Jesus who has promised to be with us, promised to use even the hard things to mature us and glorify Himself and promised to do what is best (even if it’s not how we would define “best”). But knowing the heart of God, I would much rather have that hope than the kind of hope that I can’t really rest in.

Where is your hope? what is your hope? and will your hope stand the test of the toughest life can throw at you? God took the toughest our world has, death, and conquered it so that whatever we face will be less than death and therefore under the control of God. Trust in Him.

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