Preaching in Life’s Realities


I am continually humbled by the role I play in God’s work. Not that this is about me at all – I actually am realizing how little I have to offer to the real life issues that the people I speak to each week are dealing with. On any given weekend there are people who are dealing with loved ones with life threatening illnesses, couples feeling helpless as they desire to have a child but are unable, folks who just lost a job, had an unexpected financial crisis, are dealing with depression, anxiety, relational pain, couples on the verge of divorce, parents whose kids have wandered far from their roots, singles contemplating a life alone and countless other life realities. And then there are people who are coming off of amazing weeks where a promotion was granted, a graduation from 4 long years of school, a new job, a new baby, a fun vacation, an engagement, or countless other windfalls. And finally there are a group of people who are neither experiencing a big high or low low – they’re just doing their thing, working, living and enjoying friendships and life in general.

It’s in this environment I step on stage to every week. And with 800-1000 folks on a weekend these stories are many and varied. As I type all this out, I think I’d like to skip preaching this weekend!! 🙂

I actually am grateful that, as a pastor, I AM aware of these life realities. Because if I were blind to it, I might actually think I could pull this off and do a decent job. But in light of these realities, I know I can’t. I would guess the pastors who don’t see a need to be God-dependent must be blind to the life realities, either that or not care about them. Yet, this morning I was once again reminded that what I do matters, and that it’s not what I do at all (thankfully!). I need the work of God and His Spirit every single week. It’s not JUST a sermon and it’s not JUST a church service. It’s seeking to arrange an encounter with the living God for real people with real issues. And by the way, I’m one of those real people too. Just yesterday we went through our medical bills with several in our family struggling and we started discussing our options. It’s real life in a broken world and we as humanity desperately need a God who is bigger than our biggest challenges, disappointments and gut wrenching realities. I pray that each week, I can help arrange appointments for us all to encounter the God we need to praise in the highlights, cling to in the lowlights and live for in the everyday.

Join us this summer as we discover this amazing God and learn more about Him and His sufficiency for all we face. Our series “God is Not” goes from June 21-August 10.