I don’t always like “church people”


I grew up going to church since I was a kid. The church my family and I attended was conservative and maybe even a little legalistic at times. I can remember being chastised for playing “Go Fish” and “War” with a deck of playing cards (because cards are used in gambling was the excuse I was given). We were allowed to play “Dutch Blitz” because they were different kinds of cards. Similar “policies” were made about movies, dress code and music. But the church and its congregation loved Jesus, loved the Bible and for the most part I really enjoyed church as a kid. As I hear other people’s horror stories about church, I think I did pretty well. But that’s not what this post is about. I want to talk about “church people”. I wonder sometimes if the kind and style of the church either attracts or creates the kind of Christians that come out of it. Again, I’m not specifically talking about my church or any church in particular but it seems depending on what church you attend determines what kind of “church person” you become. But there are some generalities about relationships with most church people that are bothersome.

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