Owning our problems

We live in an funny time. Everybody seems to want to do whatever they want without being held accountable by anyone. Irresponsibility seems to have moved from being a teenage thing to being a “people thing”. And this culture has made it’s way into churches and the lives of Christians. The scary thing is we are often unaware of it. And unless we decide to first of all admit/notice how far we’ve drifted from God’s design on this topic and then take steps towards God’s best we will continue to experience the same fall outs relationally and personally that the rest of the world experiences.

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Designed to Relate

God cares about how we relate with one another. The Bible is full of practical and insightful wisdom when it comes to relationships. There is a design from the designer for how we are created to relate. However, just as in practically every other thing, sin has corrupted the design. We relate with sinners, in fact every relationship we have is with a sinner. While that let’s no one off the hook, it should make us all a little more patient and full of grace towards each other. And it should make God’s Word a more readily accessed text one connection. Not only does God provide us with wisdom to navigate relationships, but He provides to the power and transformation to all believers in Jesus. There are some who are moderately successful at relating using Godly principles without God (because they are still true!) however, the real power comes from the Spirit of God at work in us and through us in our connections with each other.

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Creating Space


It may just be the circles I travel in, but I have not met anyone who doesn’t want to grow, get better or become who they were made to be. Now the desire to grow doesn’t mean that everyone grows. There are lots of reasons why we don’t grow. I will say intentional action in the right areas has major impact, but sometimes we are unclear about what those actions should be and to be honest, they are often very individualistic. So without knowing your story, let me offer one of the simplest and best ways to set yourself up for growth. Start by “creating space”.

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