Delegate or Develop?

As a church we are incredibly dependent on a ton of volunteers to make church life happen. So here’s the question: are volunteers being delegated to or developed? There’s a lot that goes into a question like that. Part of it flows from the philosophy of ministry involvement. Are we as church leaders wanting something from people or something for people? Do people serve in a church because they’re supposed to or because their called by God to exercise their gifts in the furtherance of God’s mission? I do believe we need paid staff members in churches, but I see our role more as “equippers” than “doers”. When we approach church life as “doers” than we try to find people to “do” for or with us. When we see our role as equippers, it’s about helping people discover their place in God’s work and giving them the tools to accomplish it. So, our philosophy here is that every Christian is called to be involved in the mission of God and we need to develop people to maximize what they have for God’s glory. We know that getting involved is a gift FOR you because you get to be a part of making an impact in the lives of others. Plus every time we use our gifts and serve it helps us grow spiritually, to trust God, to surrender to His purposes and to be a part of watching the Spirit work.

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