Too Busy to Stop and Party


Some of us are drivers. We love to press forward for the next thing. Sure, we take breaks, stop to relax a little but our focus tends to be on the next thing. And I get that there is often more to do than we have the time to do it, but there are lots of us who can use busyness as an excuse to be focused on the future. A focus on the future is important and I love pursuing goals and seeing what could be. Yet, I’m learning some things about how God wired us up to operate and pausing to reflect backwards is actually something He commands for His people. I find it incredibly interesting that when God set up the way life would be for the nation of Israel He built into their lives regular celebrations, festivals and feasts. Leviticus is full of strict guidelines for the people related to the necessity of stopping “ordinary work” (Leviticus 23) and have a feast, festival or party. Here’s what important to realize about many of those festivals and celebrations: most involved a recounting of history and the faithfulness of God. Generations of people who were not around during the passover, the rescue from Egypt and a number of other key events were called to “remember” them. This, among other things, was likely because God wanted generations to see His faithfulness and His mission. If we don’t remember what God has done, we might doubt what God can do. Here are 3 reasons God calls us to regularly stop from ordinary activity and celebrate:

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