Fear Not – notes from week 2


On week two of Fear Not we looked at a large portion of a sermon that Jesus gave on the topic of anxiety and worry. Together we learned that God knows, understands and cares about our anxiety. He sees how much it’s taking away from our lives and from our ability to be the people He created us to be. And when you look at this sermon given thousands of years ago and how relevant it is today, you realize that the Bible isn’t just any book, it’s the Word Of God, timeless and true.

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Church Realities & Share Grace


I am telling you, I have never been a part of anything like this. Our church is experiencing an incredible movement of God and the more I am able to hear peoples’ stories the more evident it’s becoming. We are so far from “playing church” or “doing church” as a routine or part of life. And more and more of us are seeing that church is meant to be a team where we cheer one another on as we grow and fulfill God’s mission together. Thank you for making this place so much fun to serve at!

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Fear Not – notes from week 1


Yesterday we began our “Fear Not” series examining the relevant topic of fear, worry and anxiety. I shared my own journey with anxiety including how it blindsided me, was unexplainable, illogical yet all too real. We shared how God does care about this very prevalent issue, in fact it’s the number one command God gives throughout the whole Bible. For sake of review and to set the foundation for the rest of the series, I’ll share here on the blog the 4 “effects” of fear that were discussed in the message. Please watch or listen to the message for all the specifics.

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