Emotions vs Reality– 5 Keys to Really Changing


I love communicating the Word of God and I love talking about what I’m really passionate about: Jesus, His church and people taking next steps. One thing I’ve noticed over the years of ministry for me is that church services have an incredible potential to move us emotionally. I actually think that can be a very healthy and good thing when it’s not done in a manipulative way. Personally, I love my relationship with God and it causes me incredible joy at times and heartfelt tears of gratitude for grace and sorrow over sin at other times. I too have listened to a sermon and been powerfully moved to confess, to change or to respond in many different kinds of ways. These emotions are very important because they can serve as fuel to real action and change.

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Drift Happens


In the summer, one of the most relaxing and fun things you can do is ride an inner tube down a river. No need for oars, no where to be, just sit back and let the river take you — go with the flow as they say. Now let me ask you, in what direction do things typically “flow”? The answer is “down” and I’ve found the phenomena in my own life, and my guess is you have as well. If we pay little to no attention to certain things in our lives, they drift and they don’t drift towards more healthy, more effective, more solid… nope – they drift downward. It doesn’t really matter what area of your life you choose: marriage? kids? work? school? spiritual life? – if left alone, I can’t think of one thing that gets better.

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