God is Good Even If…


God is good, even if we don’t see it or think it.

You have a personality and with that personality are quirks, surprises and secrets. I have spent time with people in a work environment for months and then all of sudden we’ll go on a retreat or attend a conference and I will discover things about their personality and character that I never knew. Does that mean they just developed those attributes minutes/ days before the outing? Likely not – it was always something that they were but I just didn’t know them well enough or wasn’t in the right environments with them to discover them. It’s similar with God. God has a rich and diverse character and personality and we don’t always experience or witness all of it. The danger comes when we assume because we don’t see something or think something about God that it must not be true. In fact I find this often in the aspect of God’s goodness. Because we don’t see it, or we don’t see what He’s doing as truly “good” we assume either He doesn’t exist or He’s not truly good.

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