The Family Church

Diverse generations

We are in a message series right now called “My Church” and its intended to capture the heart of God for His Church. It should be no surprise that we as a country we have drifted quite a distance from the picture God had for church. We’ve often reduced church to a building, a set of programs or a show on Sunday. Yet one of the most powerful pictures in the Bible of what the church was intended to be was a “family”. Now this doesn’t mean a place where families go, although many do attend churches. This is a word picture, a metaphor, a description of what could be. Jesus Himself when confronted with the truth that his mother and brothers were outside waiting for him, took advantage of the opportunity to teach by saying, “who are my mother and brothers? my family is the people who do God’s will.” (paraphrase from Luke 8:19-21) Jesus was sending a message that “family” is now the people who know Jesus and do what He says. The church is intended to be a family.

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