More than a Start

Both as a result of our current study through Ephesians and my recent completion of the book “Gospel” by JD Greear — I’ve been reminded how the “gospel” is so much more than a start. Growing up, the gospel was what we “shared” with unbelievers. It was the ticket to heaven, the truth you needed to believe to get “saved”. I no longer see it as that. Or better said, I no longer see it as “just that”. In fact, I’ve come to believe that there are some who “know” the Gospel and yet are not Christians. I know, I know, who am I to judge? I can’t. But I do believe in many contexts we’ve reduced the gospel to a couple of happy hops to heaven or a quick prayer to pray and have lost the significance and even the meaning of what it really is. When that happens, it doesn’t have it’s intended impact on our lives.

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