BONUS: Jesus on Money

Since Jesus had so much to say about money and finances and possessions and since we only were able to do one sermon on the topic — we recorded two videos that briefly share 7 additional teachings on money. You’ll get all 7 of these in less than 12 minutes! Take a look at part 1 — (teachings 1-3)

Personal Spiritual Health (continued from previous blog)

In the last blog post (please read it first if you haven’t already) we discussed how our personal spiritual health impacts the church and impacts the long term effectiveness in completing the mission God has us on. So let’s talk about a few of the areas we can all look at when it comes to our own spiritual health.

1. Are you committed to grow?
I am amazed how many “church people” I’ve met over the years who seem very content to stay where they are spiritually speaking. It’s like we reach a certain level and say “that’s good enough, don’t want to get too fanatical”. The problem with that thinking is that we miss out on what God wants to do in us and through us. We stay prisoner to things that hold us back and we fail to embrace in increasing measure the fullness of life. One of the healthiest things you can do is stay hungry. Continue reflecting and putting yourself in position to learn and grow. Sometimes it’s through some great books, a Catalyst class, a growth group or even regular participation in worship services (where instead of just listening, you engage through taking notes and discussing it afterwards).

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Effective Over Time is a Result of Health

Some of my roles as lead pastor is the leadership of our community, envisioning where we’re headed and seeking to see ahead of where we are. While I absolutely love preaching each weekend, I am much more concerned with where each of us are at and where our church is and can be. I want to see us effective. I want to see us reach people who we’re not reaching yet and letting them experience the love and grace of Jesus and be transformed by it. I want to see former religious people know the freedom and passion of life in the Spirit of God. I want to see kids and students know the Bible and surrender to its authority. I want to see healthy marriages, families, and singles who are committed to the cause of Christ. I want to see people using their gifts, talents and abilities, growing in leadership and influence.

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How do we “fix” the brokenness in our world?

I don’t think the average person has to go very far to realize our world is broken or at least far from what it could be. Has a week passed in the last year where we didn’t hear something about a crazed gunman, an abusive teacher/parent, a school bully, suicides or a financial fallout? People can be pretty brutal, hurtful and downright “lost”. Most of us just shake our heads at the news, some of us shed some tears and most of us hold on tight hoping it doesn’t impact us. It’s come to a point where we’ve forgotten how to dream about what could be, and we just hope we don’t get negatively affected.

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