Ain’t No Party…

This past weekend I quoted a rap I was taught at a church conference a few years ago, it went like this: “Ain’t no party like a Holy Ghost party, cuz a Holy Ghost party don’t stop…wha?” (and then you repeat it). This was in the context of our study on the life of Jesus and in particular the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine. And it made us all consider what our view of a “party” truly is.

I also made this statement: “our world has no clue how to truly party and yet they’re always looking for the next one and as true followers of Jesus we know how to party (have joy etc) and we hardly ever throw one!” As followers of Jesus we should be setting the standard for what a good time looks like. Just consider for a second that we are set free from sin and death. We are not chained to insecurities, past habits or addictions. We have hope in the midst of challenging circumstances, we have life when there seems to be little to smile about. Yet it seems like we fear expressing it. Maybe we’ve been turned off by those “over-happy” Christians who seem to never been down. Or maybe we fear that we’ll allow the world’s definition of “good party” seep into our parties? Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I know WHY we don’t party more? What I just shared are a few guesses, but I don’t know for sure?

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Amazing Grace, Threatening Grace

Grace is truly amazing yet very hard to fully comprehend. We live in a world where nice things are done for us by good people. Yet often these “nice things” are done to produce goodwill, build networking opportunities, ultimately achieve a sale etc. How many of us have been swayed to buy something because of all the “free” things that are given to us? My kids talk to me about how they got this or that for free, not realizing that it was because of a purchase that they got their “free” thing. So when we talk about grace, unmerited favor from God, receiving something with no strings attached — our brains can’t comprehend it. It doesn’t seem to compute in our way of thinking.

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Saturday–a new start

As I posted in the last blog — this coming Saturday, 1/12/13 at 5pm is our new Saturday Night service.
So let’s talk about what one can expect at this new gathering…

First of all — it will be the same service as Sunday morning, with the same music and same message — but, and while it may not make total sense, being at night will “feel” different. I would encourage you to come a few times and tell me if you think I’m right on this.

Secondly, our kids ministry will be up and running with the same amazing stuff the kids get on Sundays. So from birth through 4th grade our “Tru” program and teaching the Bible from Genesis to Revelation will be happening on Saturdays.

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Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!!!

This is the week!!! We are launching our brand new Saturday night service, this week, January 12th, 2013. 1/12/13 (how cool is that?!) I am really hoping I’ll get to meet new people and also hang out with a bunch of my friends on Saturdays. When I served as a pastor in Rockford, IL I was the lead teacher at a Saturday night church service and we loved it! There is something about church at night which is pretty special. I can’t really explain it, but there is a totally different “feel”. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Sunday mornings and I will continue to enjoy connecting with people on Sundays.)

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New Year–what will yours be?

This is a repost with a slight modification but still helpful stuff (I think):

January 1st! It’s a new year. There is so much that is associated with new years. It’s about a fresh start, maybe a new beginning. What was behind us can be learned from but 2012 is now in the past and we can’t go back there. So what will 2013 mean for you? What intentional steps will you take?

One thing I’ve been learning is that growth doesn’t happen without intentional movement. Obviously we need to look at where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re called to be. That precedes our decisions on what we might do this year.
If I could offer a little advice:

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