I’m Selfish

I’m selfish. There I said it. I first discovered just how selfish I was when I got married and realized how much I had a “way” I liked doing things and how much I wanted my space. I learned even more about how self focused I was when I had kids. And these two key events have actually driven me to become less selfish — to be honest, I can’t afford to be selfish and still have a healthy marriage and good relationships with my kids. But lately, I’ve been changing/ growing again (being less selfish), not so much because of an event, but because of a relationship. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute. But first a question: is it possible to be selfish, spiritually?

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Thanksgiving–For What?!

I posted the following blog over at the Roseville Patch — thought you might find it interesting:

So it’s just about Thanksgiving and I do fear we’ve lost or at least muddied what it really means.

For many Thanksgiving is about football and now it’s becoming about shopping (as stores seem to be opening earlier and earlier). For others the extent of Thanksgiving is food and family. That’s not a bad thing, in fact a pretty good thing – but what about “THANKS” and what about “GIVING”?

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