Brand New!

In the near future we will be launching a brand new web site for Grace Church Roseville — it’s been about a year in development and should be sweet! In the meantime you will see sporadic blog posts here but a full blown blog and lots of new content will be coming at you when the new site goes live.



What’s Your Story?

We all find ourselves in the midst of a story and the events of that story shape who we are in some very real ways. So we’ll see if any of you would be willing to share some of your story online?? I’d like to ask you to comment/respond to this blog by sharing 2-3 events in your life that have shaped who you are — tell us very briefly what the event was and in what ways it shaped you.

For example: one of mine is the birth of our first child, Jessica, the love I felt for this baby that could do nothing for me and yet I couldn’t get over how crazy I was about her — it shaped my understanding of God because He loves me (all of us) even though we can’t do anything, really for Him. I finally understood His love in a new way and it’s shaped my relationship with Him and even how I care for others in my world.

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Husbands, Can we have a word?

On November 11th we are having our first ever Marriage Retreat. I know, I know — on the surface some may want to stop reading now, but hang with me. In most churches for years the way these things go is that a wife sheepishly brings a brochure and puts it near the remote control or on top of something we’re reading – hoping that we might be interested. So let me propose an alternative: what if we, men, took the lead on this one? What if we came with the idea? What if we said, “our relationship matters to me and I want to call us to figure out a way to attend.” Sure there may be some conversations on the retreat, sure there may be some talk about God’s idea of marriage, but I think you’ll also laugh, I think you might actually have a good time. And ya know beyond that — you will send a message to your wife that she matters and that your relationship matters, matters enough that you’d invest 24 hours in it.
Let’s not wait for our wives to lead on this one — step up — take the initiative and lead — this world needs men who are willing to stand up for what matters most and it starts at home. Will you join me? Let’s do this.

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What do you anticipate? Are you looking forward to this ministry year? If you’re like me, you’re so busy sending kids to school, dealing with pressing demands and requests for time and attention that it’s difficult to anticipate. To just pause long enough to remember that God is above it all. And while the are many important things to put time and energy into — let’s not forget what rises above it all. No, it’s not church and not church ministries and actually not even this ministry year — but it’s a God who loves us more than we can imagine and who wants to meet with us, even in our busyness. It’s a God who is speaking and is looking for someone willing to stop long enough to listen. It’s a God who powerfully transforms lives who seek Him.

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