Missing It

We’ve been studying Judges this summer and one of the themes I keep coming back to is how close the people were to God’s best. Joshua had led them into the promised land and they were RIGHT THERE! God had called them to obey Him and He promised to be right there with them (and when God is with you, what else do you need right?). And yet they missed experiencing the promised land the way God had promised it. They compromised, they got complacent and they missed it.

This got me thinking, I wonder how close some of us are? I wonder how often we settle for less than God made us for. We settle for “churchianity” instead of “christianity”. We settle for showing up at church but missing God. We settle for a “little” God but we don’t want to get fanatical! Do we even realize what we’re doing? I wonder if we don’t fully grasp life in God? I wonder if we fail to see the glory of God?

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Good Leaders

As a church leadership team we are focusing lots of time and attention on “leaders”. And so that has me thinking: How are leaders developed? what are the critical things all leaders need to possess? In my experience I’ve seen very different personalities all be great leaders. So I don’t think there’s a personality type that is: “leader”. Now some characteristics might tend to be more common in good leaders like the ability to take initiative (not wait for others to do it) and the ability to influence others in a positive direction, rather than be a representative of others’ opinions. There is so much more that goes into good leadership and when you talk about spiritual leadership that ratchets up big time!

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Questions about Idols

One of the themes we see in our current study of Judges is the theme of “idolatry” which is simply stated, a false “god”. The Israelites got mixed up with the Caananites who were a wicked, idolatrous nation and Israel compromised with them and added their gods to the worship of the true God (Yahweh). Lest we think idolatry was just an ancient thing – we have them today. We look to things, jobs, relationships to fulfill aspects of what God is supposed to fill. We miss out on God’s best because we settle for counterfeits.
I believe it was Mark Driscoll who first presented a few of the questions on the following list – but I have found them helpful in identifying potential idols in my own life and you may as well.

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At Grace, We Value Being Others Focused

I am taking a few weeks here to walk through each of the 7 values of Grace Church and explore them from my perspective. So far:
1. Anticipating God’s Movement
2. Being People in Process

Now, #3….Being Others Focused

There are several aspects to this value, but the bottom line is that it’s not about me (or you in this case). We believe that God has called us as a church and as believers to be “others focused”. So what does it mean for a church to value being others focused?

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A Good Coach

I have recently been convinced of the power of good relationships.
I tweeted about this last week, but I’ve come to believe that for certain seasons in everyone’s life we could use a “coach”. In sports, a coach looks at your technique, brings correction, new ideas and typically propels you forward as a player. A coach is not just good for sports though. I’ve benefitted from a number of different coaches in leadership and on better understanding who I am and how to maximize who God is making me.

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