When will it stop?!

What if you knew there was something you could do that would bring clarity to everything else you’re doing? What if you knew that there was something you could do that would make your everyday life a little more “God-conscious” and a lot more meaningful? Would you do it? I mean I think most of us have some great intentions and they often start with: “when I get through this, then I’ll…” or “once I get this in order, then I’ll definitely start…” But, I hate to be the one to tell you, but those things don’t happen and if they do something else quickly replaces them. Bottom line is: it doesn’t stop.

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Summer in the Twin Cities

Ok, for something a little lighter – I’d love to hear from all of you.
It seems like the spring/summer presents opportunity to try new things and enjoy the beauty of the Twin Cities. So I’d love to hear about some of your favorite spots!

What are the best places to eat good food?
What are the best places for a nice walk?
Where are the best playgrounds for kids?
How about great ice cream?
How about nice places to sit outside and have a great conversation?

You get the drift, I hope — so let us all know what you’ve discovered so we can all enjoy the Twin Cities, try some new things and thank God for who He is and what He blesses us with!!

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Prevalence of Evil

In reflecting on the topic of hell and the presence of the evil one, I’ve begin to consider how prevalent evil is in our society. It’s essentially the “default” of our society, media, and culture as a whole. Sure there are great examples of Godliness and pursuing of God — but think about what bombards us every day. So here’s where I’m going with this thought: If we allow ourselves to “drift” we won’t typically “drift” towards Godliness and holiness. In fact we’ll “drift” away from God. And I would also propose to you that there is no “neutral” in the spiritual life. You are always moving one way or the other. So….. this means intentional decisions to pursue God, to pursue holiness, to make God-honoring choices is a continual thing. It must be intentional, because without intention we will drift. God has given us lots of tools, practices and ideas to move forward, but we need to intentionally choose those things – they will not be chosen for us.

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Why are we here?–Follow up from yesterday

Something pretty special happened in our services yesterday, particularly the second service for some reason. God truly showed up in a very controversial subject. Through my week of studying about hell I was seriously moved. Moved to consider my own life and holiness since Christ paid a high price for me, He wanted me and He paid it all and as the hymn goes, “all to him I owe”. When you really begin to see the love of God (even through a topic like hell) you begin to find extra fuel to pursue God’s design in our lives. The second area was on the topic of evangelism. I think it’s very challenging as a Christian, as a pastor and as a church — not to get sidetracked from the mission of evangelism. I’m not saying it’s the “only” purpose of the church, but I think it’s the easiest to delay, procrastinate on or ignore altogether. Let’s think about why…

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Our Forever After

This week we conclude our series entitled: Forever After. What an eye-opening series this has been for me. I seriously didn’t think much about eternity, I tend to be more of a live in the moment kind of person. Don’t get me wrong, I do lots of planning and dreaming about the future, but eternity seemed like something far out there and I wasn’t sure it was worth much study. I was wrong. This 4 week study has been incredible. I realized: our understanding of our forever after radically impacts our now!

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On this National Day of Prayer, I am humbled by our great big God who chooses to love us and be involved in our daily lives! Have you ever stopped to think about what prayer really means? There is a God who’s made Himself available to us continually. He created us, so He knows us better than we know ourselves and He’s all powerful so He can do more than we could ever imagine. And when He chooses not to do what we think He should do, through prayer we find the comfort, peace and strength to face whatever this broken world throws at us. While this day tends to focus on praying for our nation (which I would strongly call us all to do) in addition let’s also pause throughout today to just talk with God about our church, our friends, and ourselves. God is at work and invites us to meet with Him. Please pray as well for our nation, its leaders and the challenges before us as a country.
God does care.

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