Leadership Community-NEW!-March 3rd

Lots of new things quickly developing here at Grace and I look forward to what this next chapter in our life will become. One of the things we’ve realized is that leadership is key and as we move ahead developing leaders at every level will be critical. I also realize that many people don’t think of themselves as leaders. And as we talked about in Wednesday’s blog post: Leadership is about influence and we all have varying degrees of influence on others.

So, next Thursday, March 3rd will be our first ever “open invitation” LEADERSHIP COMMUNITY. The thinking is this: we want to gather every leader at Grace, from children’s ministry teachers to adult small group leaders; from head ushers to Catalyst table leaders, from worship leaders to coffee shop team leaders- to gather and share together. We ALSO want to invite any aspiring leaders – we have a large population of college students, 20-somethings and others who could see themselves eventually stepping forward into a role of influence.

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Opportunity-NEW moves at Grace Church

Opportunity – it’s a word filled with hope and future. How many of us look back at “missed” opportunities with regret? I posted a few weeks ago about very clear evidences of God working in our midst. I also spoke about not wanting to be slow to respond and making space for God to move. We spent many hours in discussion as a leadership team and are making hopefully the first and best move to respond. God is at work, we are humbled and grateful and pray for His continued movement among us.
So here we go…
First a little history/ facts:

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What is a leader?

Leadership, according to John Maxwell (an expert on the subject, having led a lot and written the most books that I know of on the subject), is influence. When you begin to really process that definition, well, you begin to realize on some level, most of us are leaders. Sure we may not be leading hundreds of people, but we may be leading a few little kids in our house, or may be having influence on a spouse, a friend, or a coworker. For the large majority of us: we have some level of influence. So the question really comes down to, not, am I a leader? But rather: how am I leading?

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Balanced and Hopeful

Lately at our weekend services we’ve been talking about some very controversial issues. And one of the undergirding principles that I keep in mind is to let the Bible speak not just on the issue but how issues are handled. My experience with the Evangelical world is that we mix up the issue with how it’s handled or we make it an “issue” and forget about people. This I believe is the reason we lose influence and have nothing to offer. People begin to think: “we’ll maybe you’re view point has some merit, but if this is how you act when you hold that view point, maybe I’m not that interested.”

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Crazy week

So Sorry that I’ve not created any new content for the blog this week, it’s been NUTS! But I got lots of thoughts brewing and a few “behind the scenes” information that I’ll be sharing in the upcoming weeks – so check back next week and we’ll connect again. Thanks for being a reader!

You’ve Got Questions…

We should not fear questions. We are entering into a 4 week series taking on some of the biggest questions about faith and God that are out there. It’s questions and doubt that become the backbone for faith. Years ago, I think the Church was afraid of questions and there are even some churches that lead with control and “ruling over”. But God has never backed away from questions and we shouldn’t either. God says in Jeremiah, “call to me, and I will answer and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”; in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says, “seek and you will find, ask and it will be given to you, knock and the door will be opened.”

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Wondering What If? (making yesterday stick)

So yesterday was another (5 weeks in a row) of clear evidence of God’s hand at work in our church. At the conclusion of our 6 weeks concluding the book of Acts we called people to respond in worship/ response stations. And we/I was overwhelmed by the response. During both first and second hours it was a momental response. Between the two services, well over 200 people “emptied”/confessed sin and things that were filling their lives and then responded by asking God’s Spirit to “fill them” – this was then “sealed” with being prayed over by our elders and staff. In addition several hundred came forward, stood on the stage, took a rock signifying their commitment to be bold for Jesus and live differently. Others placed names of people (500!!) they will talk with this week about their faith and a slew of people knelt near the cross for various prayers and decisions.

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