Friday Fun Day: Shopping

So it’s “Black Friday” and the TV has been buzzing with the latest sales and “door busters”. It’s quite humorous to listen to each store trying to out bid one another for how early they can open, it’s like a really bad auction. “We’re open at 5am; oh yeah?, we’re open at 4am!; well, we’re open at 3am; well fine, we’ll open at midnight!; oh yeah, well we’re not going to close, ever!” I have to admit though, it seems like it would be fun to wake up real early to shop, that is if I didn’t enjoy sleeping so much. Maybe one of these years we’ll try it.

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Friday Fun Day – Video

Ok so it’s another Friday which means another chance to write about or post something fun. This week I’m going crazy busy with this week’s message, so I’m posting a video instead of my normal rants. I don’t know what it is about this video, it just makes me laugh. I think it was a promo for some music awards show– but it’s still good — see what you think…

Sticking Points

Behind the scenes in our leadership gatherings lately, we’ve been talking about a concept I call “sticking points”. A sticking point is a connection and I’m testing a theory that the greater the amount of sticking points in a church, the higher the likelihood that one will “stick” with a church. The opposite is also true, I believe, the fewer the sticking points, the less likely a person will “stick”. Now, to be fair, I think the greater spiritual maturity and growth that takes place in a person’s life, the less critical sticking points are. But especially in the beginning of a person’s connection with a church, the sticking points become critical.

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Friday Fun Day: Megamind

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Fun Day where I talk about nonsensical things, comment on popular culture and share random thoughts and tidbits from my life that nobody really cares about. Ah, the Friday Fun Day!

So, last week the family and I took in the movie Megamind in 3D. First off, the “3D” aspect was a waste, to me it didn’t add anything to the film and didn’t wow any of us (even my 2 year old) – not sure why everybody wants to make 3D movies now, to me, if there’s no good reason to use 3D don’t use it! The movie itself was entertaining and the story was an interesting one. (Slight spoiler coming here, just a warning) The idea that the villain was a villain because it was “what he was supposed to be” was an interesting concept. He wanted to be good, but get messing up so he assumes that because he’s “good at being bad” that’s what he should do. If we all came to that conclusion, well, the world would not be a very good place, since all of us are “good at being bad” thanks to a sin nature that is internally organized against the things of God. All that being said, I loved the twist (bigger spoiler here) where the bad guy (Megamind) is called to be a hero and save the world (from his own stupid creation of a so-called hero turned bad). It did have some cool values of saying who you were is not who you always need to be and that all of us have the call to be a hero if we’re willing to step up and embrace the role. Sure it’s easy to be lazy and “let someone else do it” — but where would our country be if that was everyone’s choice? So I liked the ending message and the character development of a bad guy who deep down had a good heart and needed someone to believe in him. Yeah, it’s somewhat cliche’ and obviously is absent a biblical worldview. But for a decent movie with a decent message, it does what it needs to.

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Belonging to a Church

In a recent message we talked about what it means to belong to a church – a number of people have commented to me about this section and are excited about taking a next step. So here’s a “sermon snapshot” from that message for you to think through. If you’ve been a part of Grace Church for a number of weeks/months/years — we’d challenge you to consider your next step…

Ladder Video

During the 2nd service on Sunday the following video did not work, and we would love for you to see it as it greatly illustrates how sometimes we think we’ve arrived and did the best we could and there’s no higher place, but as you’ll see, sometimes it requires a “different ladder” to take our next step spiritually speaking.
Take a look:


Resourced! A Spiritual Assessment Tool

If you haven’t already, go back and watch the brief video that sets this up. Then spend some time working through this helpful tool. This was created to help believers in Jesus honestly assess their spiritual lives and relationship with God and hopefully respond by turning to Jesus, looking for His empowering grace and then moving one step closer to fully utilizing the resources we have as Christians.

Here’s the tool in its’ entirety: (please do not copy for any use other than personal devotional use)

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Sermon Snapshot-wk1-Resourced!

This “snap shot” is from our first week in our study through 1 Corinthians. What you won’t hear in this clip are the actual “resources”, so watch the clip and then stay tuned for the next blog post which won’t only include the resources but also some very penetrating questions to help us all fully utilize what God has given us. I’d highly recommend you take some time to work through each question honestly before God and take the necessary “next steps”!

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