Mac Lake Twitter quotes

Another guy that I follow on Twitter is a pastor named Mac Lake — he typically has some interesting nuggets on leadership – here are a few that made me think or I resonated with…

A leader finds inspiration when he lives for a movement rather than maintenance

Leaders invest 90% of their time on change…90% of people don’t like change…no wonder leadership is difficult.

While leadership can be lonely it also demands aloneness

Mediocrity invades the life of the leader who has lost his focus

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Ed Stetzer Twitter quotes this week

Here are a few random twitter quotes from Ed Stetzer – some thought provoking stuff…


Too many who say they want to go “deeper” are just feeding their knowledge addiction, not promoting life transformation.


We often forbid N. American churches to do the very thing we require international missionaries to do– engage culture.

RT: @erguncaner Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world,” Francis Schaeffer // Needed word!

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Sports Last Night & the Battle of Life

So, I sat at home last night watching my NJ Nets battle the Minnesota Timberwolves. I was excited to see the start of the NBA season and watching my team play. This was the first time opening night was against Minnesota, so it was a weird start. Both teams are young with lots of potential and hope, but horrible reviews and predictions for this year. My Nets did really well for 3 full quarters (even leading by 19 points in the 3rd!). All was good until the fourth quarter collapse and a last second loss due to a heaved bank shot at the buzzer. It was demoralizing and well, frustrating to watch. I do like Minnesota, but I’ve been a NJ fan for years now and I’m not about to stop no matter how bad the critics make them out to be.

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“Be Real” Project pt.3

The third movement/ part in this short blog series on “Be Real” is: WALKING FORWARD.

We begin by understanding God’s intention is for us, He loves us and wants us to enjoy the fullness of life in alignment with Him- life in the light. The reality however is that we wander from this life and find ourselves out of alignment with Him and His purposes, missing out on what He has for us. This is where confession comes in. We say the same thing about our sin that He does; not trying to dress it up, justify it or play the role of the victim. We confess our sin knowing that it’s our sin that divides us and puts us out of alignment and that God longs for us to enjoy the life He made for us. He’s not looking to condemn us or judge us, but is willing and ready to restore us.

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VIDEO: Sermon Snapshot Be Real 2b: confession

Here’s the second of two clips from Sunday’s message entitled, Be Real. This segment discusses the need for us as a church to be a safe place and for us as individuals to be honest and real and call sin, sin (and use the words God uses). Hope this serves as a good review (it’s 3 different parts of the sermon spliced together). For the full sermon click on the media section from the main website and download or listen live to the audio.

“Be Real” Project part 2

The second part of this week’s “be real” project is: CONFESSION. Confession means to say the same thing about; or essentially to agree with God that our sin is indeed sin. It’s not playing games, it’s not pretending everything is okay, it’s not justifying or rationalizing — it’s coming clean and agreeing with God that sin is sin.

That means we don’t “dress it up” to be something it’s not or make it sound not so bad. It’s using the words God uses and calling sin, sin. It’s coming before God with humility and honesty knowing He sees and knows everything and yet still loves us. It’s coming relationally before God knowing He too wants us to be “right” with Hm. His goal in calling us to confession is the restoration of our place, walking in the light in fellowship with Him, experiencing His love, forgiveness and redemption.

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“Be Real” the project: Intro & part 1

Today we’ll begin a series of posts that will build on the content we shared on Sunday’s sermon entitled, “Be Real”; which is a study of 1 John 1:5-2:11 (We’d encourage a read through of these verses now and throughout this week long “project”). The content we covered on Sunday is so critical to the life of a follower of Jesus that this “project” we hope will become a tool we all can return to as a guide for our journey. Log in each day for fresh content, important reviews and more.

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A Prayer of Confession

Remember: The goal of confession is the restoration of the relationship. God’s desire for us to walk in the light as He is in the light. He knows that when we make choices that put us in the darkness that we are out of alignment with God and His created, purposed intentions for our life. Therefore the practice of confession (saying the same thing about our sin that God does) enables us to take one step closer to a lifestyle in the light. Below is a prayer of confession that may be something you’d want to pray, read, reflect on for your own journey:

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Slightly humorous staff VIDEO

Christie Seimer, our Junior High associate posted this on her facebook account – since it’s got our staff in it, thought you might find it interesting. If you’re completely “anti-halloween” (even silly stuff) you may not want to watch it, it’s quite goofy.

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