Thoughts on spiritual living

I was just thinking today about how our journey with God is an ongoing one. There really is no “neutral gear” on a spiritual life. The reality is we are sinners, out of alignment with God. When we become followers of Jesus, we receive His free gift of salvation and relationship with God, yet until heaven we live with this proclivity to sin. When left to ourselves we’ll find ourselves drifting back to sin. Whether they be sins of “commission” where we know what is right and yet do something other than it or sins of “omission” where we know the good we could do and refuse to do that.

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Guest Blogger: Kim Ooms, Director of Christian Training

Hi, I’m Kim and Just before I came to work at Grace three years ago, I did some soul searching, asking God to clarify my personal calling and mission. What exactly had He created me to do? Recently, I looked back at some of my notes from a Personal Prayer retreat day at that time. I noted that God had impressed on me that my calling was to help people keep moving from where they are to one step closer to where God wants them to be. And one of the primary vehicles for doing that was a growing love, hunger, and understanding of God’s Word that would lead to real-life transformation.

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Guest Blogger: Chris Thomson, Pastor of Creative Arts

As we continue in our series where our staff answer the question: why are you here at Grace right now? what excites you about our church? Pastor Chris Thomson shares his insight….

I’m Chris and I am excited to be at GCR because of a dream that has yet to be fulfilled.GCR has been placed in a city and a time to make an impact in Roseville and surrounding suburbs.The dream is to have a committed group of Christians who have an authentic faith that results in transformed lives.

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Guest Blogger: Bob Oehrig, Pastor of Small Groups & Mobilization

I’m Bob and I work with small groups and moblization. What Excites me at Grace Church?

First and foremost, I am at Grace Church because I love Christ’s Church and understand from scripture that the local church is God’s vehicle for redemption and transformation in the world. The more I see marriages, families and society falling apart, the more I have come to believe that the church of Jesus Christ, and that means Grace Church Roseville, is the only hope for our world. The church is not God’s back-up plan; it is his only plan there are no substitutions.

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I had a really really good day!

Allow me to share about yesterday, Sunday, August 23. Actually we need to back up to Saturday night, two awesome people (Christy & Jenny) from Grace offered to watch our 3 girls for us to go out Sunday night. Plus Saturday night we were able to see my friend Ryan Baitzel on TLC’s Moving Up show — it was so cool to see him — I really miss serving with him and it was great to see his sense of humor show up on television! ha

OK, onto the next day…So Sunday morning was very cool. I’m so grateful that God gives me the chance to stand up and talk about Him and His Word every week and I’m also amazed that people actually listen. God is good. I feel a great energy at GCR lately which makes showing up every Sunday, a great experience. Sure there are times there are challenges, but lately, it’s been a lot of fun to be around Grace Church!!

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Guest Blogger: Steve Crane, Pastor of Care


Hi, I’m Steve Crane and I get to serve in the area of pastoral care here at Grace. I am excited to be a part of Grace Church Roseville because God is present and working within the lives of people at GCR, both corporately and individually.  God has been challenging us to take steps towards loving Him and loving one another.  Daily I am being encouraged to grow in my relationship with God and people.  Standing still or status quo is harder to maintain when I am being encouraged to trust God to move me forward.  Whether the encouragement is coming from the Word of God or seeing myself and others take steps in their relationships, I know I am in a group that is on a an amazing journey.

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Guest Blogger: Kyla Salnave, Children’s Ministry Associate

Hi there – I’m Kyla and I get to work with the kids here at Grace!

First and foremost, I’m at Grace because I believe God has called me here. Not only that, but because I’ve grown to believe in this church and what it has to offer. Coming into this church as outsider and immediately being placed on staff didn’t leave much choice for me, but I immediately grew to love the atmosphere, style, and teaching. I feel so blessed that God has given me a church that I truly enjoy. I followed his call and he has blessed me with a church that is feeling more and more like a family.

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Guest Blogger: Scott Larson, Business Administrator


Greetings, I’m Scott Larson and I enjoy serving as business administrator. Circumstances led me to Grace Church. Many years ago, as a student at Bethel College, I came (occasionally) to Grace to worship. (I think the church had a bus that transported students from Bethel.) Years later, I came to the church building to attend Men’s Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). Nearly four years ago, I was looking for full-time employment and a friend suggested I inquire about the Church Business Administrator position at Grace Church. When I was offered the position, I accepted, not just because I needed a paycheck, but because I believed God had called me to “ministry.” I believe God often leads through circumstances. Little did I know that 16 years at Deluxe Corporation had shaped and honed me for a special ministry at Grace Church. Little did I know that Grace would become not only my employer, but my church home. Quite simply, I am here because God has placed me here.

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Guest Blogger: Jake Minell, Director of Student Ministries

I am Jake Minell, the director of student ministries here at Grace. I am excited to serve at Grace Church Roseville because I am excited to see what the Church can do when it recovers what it means to be the Church.  We are the body of Christ, His witnesses here on earth.  Together as a community of Christ-followers here in Roseville I am excited to see how we can join with what Jesus is already doing in our world, and be His love to world in desperate need.

I am excited for our church because I see far less of us willing to just be entertained on Sunday for an hour.  We are deciding collectively as a body that we cannot just watch and hope that transformation, of our lives and the lives of those outside the church, happens.  We must get up and participate, join into this adventurous faith that Jesus calls us to.  I see far less bystanders at Grace and a spirit of obedience to Jesus’ calling on our lives, to become doers of the Word of God and not hearers only.  I am bored with hearing knowledge with no application, and I think most people at Grace are as well.

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From our Staff Team…

Today we will kick off a series I’ve been looking forward to all summer: guest bloggers. I’ve asked all of our ministry staff to write a blog for you to read. I asked them these questions: why are you at Grace Church Roseville right now? What is it about this church that makes you want to invest so many hours and so much energy? What should other people at Grace be excited about right now? You’ve got to read what these staff shared! Check back over the next week or so; as regularly we’ll be posting blogs from each of the staff where they’ll answer the questions in their voice and their way.

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