10 Random Things about Me.

Here are 10 random things about me (f you’d like to know).

10. I really enjoy food and eating, I love trying out different restaurants, yet can be very picky with what foods I eat (don’t ask).

9. I grew up in NJ, but always liked the Boston Celtics basketball team (Larry Bird), until 2001 when I became a fanatic of the NJ Nets and still watch most of the NJ Nets games every year, even though I live in MN.

8. In high school I was a part of DECA which was a business/ leadership development program where I competed in various role plays in the business field (winning 1st in state).

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So what kind of emerging church is Grace Church Roseville?

If you were at Grace or listened online to the sermon from Sunday we talked about 4 lanes of the emerging church, which I actually got from a few resources, but a resource by Mark Driscoll I think summarized it best.

Well anyway, there are a few questions I’ve heard since Sunday, which I thought might be good to answer here. I’d encourage you to post your comments or questions on the blog as well.

QUESTION #1 – In which lane of the emerging church is Grace Church? You never mentioned it.

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Do we forget how to celebrate?

Monday’s are my day off, so I was in the kitchen putting some strawberry jelly on my english muffin and I looked into the living room to see my middle daughter, Sydney watching one of her favorite television shows (Imagination Movers). Well the ending song came on and she was up jumping, dancing and spinning around with a big smile on her face. The interesting thing is she was alone in the living room – she wasn’t caught up in the energy of a group celebrating and dancing. She was just jumping and dancing, just because.

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How do we deal with differences at church?

One of the things we addressed in the message this morning is since we are unified and pulled together by our theology how do we handle differences with styles, forms or practices?

We looked at Romans 14 (which I’d highly recommend as a great biblical resource on this very issue) as well as the context from Acts 15. 

But we thought we would post the 4 principles for your reflection and thoughts:

1. Don’t elevate desires to doctrines (don’t moralize our preferences)

     -know what are doctrines (non-negotiables) and don’t elevate preferences to a place of non-negotiable

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Emerging Church – extra resources

Here are some resources to help you make sense of some of the issues related to emerging churches – these resources are by biblical, evangelical “emerging” pastors and leaders who study the movements and issues. (Click on the link to watch/ download)

You’ll notice (if you heard the sermon) that I gleaned some great insight from some of these resources. I really like Mark Driscoll’s comments, he not only studies these things, but lives out what he says as a pastor of a church in the “post-modern” city of Seattle. The second resource is from a church in Texas which is pastored by Matt Chandler – these particular pages are from a full seminar on the emerging church that they offered on their website.

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Something different Sunday



it’s been an interesting week here in my office and God is good, remains on the Throne and always is worthy of glory and honor!!

We’re going to take a little larger view of Acts this Sunday and address some important issues in church life. I’ve been so amazed how relevant God’s Word is for us. The first century church dealt with so many different things and by reading Acts and then the letters to these early churches, it’s interesting how we see their realness and imperfections, yet also the focus on God’s work, God’s Word and God’s direction. Preaching through books of the BIble is a great thing as it allows us to see the good, bad and ugly and calls us to God’s design. 

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New President Obama & Leadership

I, like most Americans, am watching the Inauguration of President Obama. Regardless of your political views and voting choices, this is an opportunity, not to trust in a man, but to trust in our God. A God who does not change and who is a secure and solid rock we can stand on. I find it interesting among Evangelicals how they process President Obama — some seem to call him the next “messiah” and others call him the “anti-Christ” and both parties are dead wrong!! Our focus must remain on the eternal God and Jesus Christ.

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Sermon Extra Feature: “Idol” Assessment

During the message yesterday I talked about how it’s important for us to assess if there is something in the place of God in our lives. Even as followers of Jesus, we can find ourselves verbally affirming Jesus as God, but living in a way that reflects that someone or something else is “god” in our lives. We defined this “god” as something that has leadership in our lives, meaning it affects our decisions, our time, our finances, our values etc etc. Another aspect of this, especially for followers of Jesus, is sometimes we give Jesus lordship/ leadership in one or two aspects of our lives, but not our whole lives. For example: we may give God leadership over our talents and time but not our finances. Or we may give God our spiritual life but not our relationships (so we have unforgiveness towards others or gossip etc). So what will it mean to allow God to truly be God in our lives, our whole lives!

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Leadership Retreat #2: Urgency

One of the things we’ll discuss as leaders that I think really has relevance to all of us is “urgency”. I think it’s easy for us who are already followers of Jesus, already connected in a small group/ ABF, already with some Christian friends and good resources – to lose some of the urgency. When we don’t see much need in ourselves, we may wrongly assume others don’t have needs. One of the things we as leaders to wrestle with is the urgency of the situation before us. There is a reason God put our church here in Roseville, MN. There is a reason God assembled these leaders, there is a reason God brought the people to GCR who He brought. Do we see the need? Do we see the urgency of our role in stepping up to being “on mission” with God? What will happen if we don’t move? what will happen if we refuse to develop a clear process? Who won’t get reached? who won’t get connected? who won’t get discipled? As a leader, we are placed in unique times and circumstances and we’re called upon to rise to the task before us and LEAD. More than we realize is at stake!

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