We Talk About the Stuff We Love

You don’t have to tell me to talk to you about my iPad — I really like it and it’s added a lot to my life. Sure it’s only a piece of technology and sure I only have the 1st generation model — but if you give me any kind of “in” or express the least bit of interest, I will talk for awhile about it and my guess is if you don’t want one after that, you will at least have a great appreciation for it. I could probably say the same thing about my Honda or my TiVo. I could talk with you about my Brooklyn Nets, Carrabbas restaurants or Chic-Fil-a. The bottom line is if you love something, you talk about it. No one has to guilt you into it, no one has to offer to pay you for it — it just comes naturally.

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What’s Your Story?

We all find ourselves in the midst of a story and the events of that story shape who we are in some very real ways. So we’ll see if any of you would be willing to share some of your story online?? I’d like to ask you to comment/respond to this blog by sharing 2-3 events in your life that have shaped who you are — tell us very briefly what the event was and in what ways it shaped you.

For example: one of mine is the birth of our first child, Jessica, the love I felt for this baby that could do nothing for me and yet I couldn’t get over how crazy I was about her — it shaped my understanding of God because He loves me (all of us) even though we can’t do anything, really for Him. I finally understood His love in a new way and it’s shaped my relationship with Him and even how I care for others in my world.

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