Bad Stuff…A Surprise?


Here’s the reality – we live in a world full of bad days, bad weeks, bad months, and bad years! Our world is broken and unfortunately we see way too many evidences of its brokenness everyday around us.

My guess is for many of us in this room, the bad stuff catches us off guard more often than not. We’re journeying along and all of sudden “it” happens. It has lots of different names: health, finances, people, family, job, car, house, loneliness and the list goes on. And “it” causes pain, fear, worry, stress, anxiety, depression, angst.

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Forgetting The Wrong Things


I think most of us have a forgetful streak (some of us it’s more than a streak). And for the most part the things we forget have little consequence in what matters most. Sure we may find ourselves delayed leaving our house because our keys are misplaced or feeling badly that we forgot a good friend’s birthday. However in the large scheme of things there is little life consequence. As a person who is seeking to follow God, there are actually two things we often forget that can have some very difficult consequences in our lives. When we forget these two things about God we will find ourselves worrying more, stressing more and sinning more. In fact without these two things being believed and top of mind for us we will be more susceptible to all kinds of temptations. Temptations are “fallen for” when we succumb to the lies that whatever they’re asking us to do will give us what we really want and long for in life. (And by contrast, the lie that God isn’t for us or able to provide what we really need and long for.)

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Summer Breeze?


I find it fascinating that we assume God is on our side when things are going well. I hear people say, “God answered that prayer”. And what do they mean? They mean their situation turned out the way they hoped it would be. We don’t say, “praise God, He answered my prayer” when He answers us “no”. At least I haven’t heard that before. In fact I rarely even find someone willing to say “praise God” when things are not going the way we’d hope. Now, to be fair, I’ve met some who will thank God for being there with them in the midst of a difficultly but it’s often long after the difficultly has passed. But what about in the midst of it? Is God still good when He doesn’t do what we want Him to do?

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I don’t always like “church people”


I grew up going to church since I was a kid. The church my family and I attended was conservative and maybe even a little legalistic at times. I can remember being chastised for playing “Go Fish” and “War” with a deck of playing cards (because cards are used in gambling was the excuse I was given). We were allowed to play “Dutch Blitz” because they were different kinds of cards. Similar “policies” were made about movies, dress code and music. But the church and its congregation loved Jesus, loved the Bible and for the most part I really enjoyed church as a kid. As I hear other people’s horror stories about church, I think I did pretty well. But that’s not what this post is about. I want to talk about “church people”. I wonder sometimes if the kind and style of the church either attracts or creates the kind of Christians that come out of it. Again, I’m not specifically talking about my church or any church in particular but it seems depending on what church you attend determines what kind of “church person” you become. But there are some generalities about relationships with most church people that are bothersome.

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Hope So Vs Jesus Hope


Hope is a critical attribute in life. Without hope, we’re done. It’s hope that gives us the energy to push through when things are difficult. It’s hope that helps us persevere when everything in us wants to give up. But the problem is most of what we call “hope” is not really hope at all. We live in a world that is best at “hope so” which is essentially, “this might be ok”. There is little assurance in that kind of hope. It’s all up in the air and circumstantial. It doesn’t change us it just takes our odds from 0% to 25 or 50% — but come on, how “hopeful” is that? The problem is that that is the best the world can offer us. Sure we can do things to up our odds of success, but it’s so temperamental and unstable.

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Guest Post: The Heart of Worship – A Journey to Intimacy – Nic Payne


-What’s ahead and Why?
-The Case for Worship
-Extrinsic Action Creates Intrinsic Emotion (The 7 words for worship)
-Style is not part of the equation, but intimacy is
-In Spirit and in Truth

What’s ahead and Why?

We have a unique opportunity ahead of us as a church family. Friday, February 3rd will be our first church-wide worship night at Grace. And as excited as we all are in planning it, I started asking myself why? We’ve been talking about a worship night for years. So, why now? Is it necessary?

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Life in the Borderlands


We’ve all been there and will be there again…the borderlands. It’s that place between where we were and where we’d hope to be. Some may call it a season of waiting, the in between, a lonely, often frustrating place. Often the phrase that is uttered in the borderlands is, “I thought by now…” We made plans, we had aspirations and life doesn’t seem to be cooperating. Or it could be that an unexpected event threw us into the borderlands. We were progressing, things were moving forward and then all of a sudden we wonder, “how did I get here?” The issue is not how to avoid being in the borderlands. Although I do believe we can reduce the amount of times we end up there, we can’t eliminate those trips altogether. So we must wrestle with what we do when we find ourselves there.

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Is it a “Do” thing or a “Be” thing? Christianity


In process…Together, taking next steps toward loving Jesus & loving others.

So let’s talk about what it means to be a Christian. There is a lot of great wisdom for living life in the Bible. We go to most churches and hear a lot about how to live according to God’s design. We discover how to have a healthy marriage according to God’s design, have healthy families, good finances, work ethic etc etc. I too have preached this and believe it. Even if you don’t become a Christian, God’s ways are wise and right. He did create us and learning to live the way He says is the best way to live. Now we could talk about how the power and ability to actually live that way is not available unless you are a Christian, unless the Holy Spirit lives in you. But that’s not my purpose in this post.

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Brighter in Babylon


Babylon was an ancient city dominant in its time. Daniel and his friends were part of a group of Jews who were exiled to Babylon, a culture completely foreign to the one they knew. As we’ve been working through the message series, we’ve used Babylon as a metaphor for our current culture in America. Babylon was populated by a polytheistic culture which worshipped many different gods. And because of many exiles from different cultures that were incorporated into Babylon it was also a pluralistic culture. As Daniel and his friends arrived on the scene the thought of worshipping one God was a foreign concept to the king and people of Babylon.

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Owning our problems

We live in an funny time. Everybody seems to want to do whatever they want without being held accountable by anyone. Irresponsibility seems to have moved from being a teenage thing to being a “people thing”. And this culture has made it’s way into churches and the lives of Christians. The scary thing is we are often unaware of it. And unless we decide to first of all admit/notice how far we’ve drifted from God’s design on this topic and then take steps towards God’s best we will continue to experience the same fall outs relationally and personally that the rest of the world experiences.

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