Focus Triggers-Holidays


Thanks to a lot of technological advances, I’m beginning to remember things more than I used to, however if I ever lost my phone I’d be in big trouble. The reality is while I value a lot of things like my family, friendships, and taking care of things like our cars and equipment. I would often forget to do the right things when it came to all those high values. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that even though something is important to me, I still needed reminders that ensure that I lived out those values.

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Christmas War


There is a story underneath the Christmas story as most of us know it. We know Christmas as Mary, Joseph and the manager. We tend to think about shepherds, wisemen and angels proclaiming big news. But what if we were to hear the Christmas as told from the perspective of heaven? Why were the angels so fired up? What was God dealing with?

In order to get the story underneath the story we actually need to go back to the book of Genesis. The first human beings were tempted by the evil one, succumbed and then sin entered into the world. And from that point forward every human being would be born with a sin nature. The evil one roamed the earth causing destruction and death through sinful human beings. This was not God’s plan and it warped God’s perfect creation.

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Holy Week


For centuries churches have recognized “holy week” with various services and events. What is holy week, why is it such a big deal and what will Grace Church be doing? Thanks for asking… let’s get into this…

1. Holy week is the term for the week leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. I highly recommend reading the Gospels’ accounts of this important week at this time. Some churches have “Maundy Thursday” services which commemorate Jesus’ washing of the disciples’ feet and the Last Supper. Even in the final week of Jesus’ life He was teaching and modeling a life of servanthood for us. The Last Supper, we often refer to as “communion” remembering the intimacy of God with His followers in sharing this important meal which Jesus’ gave significance to by using the bread and cup to symbolize his body and blood. Good Friday is historically viewed as the night of the crucifixion of Jesus. Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. It is most common in churches like ours to see only Good Friday and Easter services.

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