Thanksgiving–For What?!

I posted the following blog over at the Roseville Patch — thought you might find it interesting:

So it’s just about Thanksgiving and I do fear we’ve lost or at least muddied what it really means.

For many Thanksgiving is about football and now it’s becoming about shopping (as stores seem to be opening earlier and earlier). For others the extent of Thanksgiving is food and family. That’s not a bad thing, in fact a pretty good thing – but what about “THANKS” and what about “GIVING”?

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Guest: Roseville Patch announcement

Here’s a quick announcement from the online “Roseville Patch” right here in beautiful Roseville, MN:

Do you know about Roseville Patch? We are an online news and information service covering the community of Roseville. Our news coverage includes government, police and fire, business, school, churches and more. We are interactive with local voices columns, announcements and calendar items all meant to help provide a virtual gathering for information and conversation. Did you know Pastor Jason Stonehouse is one of our contributors? Roseville Patch is now a year old. Please sign up for our free daily newsletter to get it sent to your email account and keep yourself in the loop. Thanks for your support. Sincerely, Scott Carlson, Local editor- Roseville Patch.

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Best Advice

So, according to Google Analytics an average of 178 of you click on this blog EVERY WEEK! Sometimes I see as much as 500-600 hits a week and I think the lowest was like 120. Now let’s just minus a 75 of those for websites that just log into pages etc– that still means over a 100 of you are here each week…. my people! welcome!

So, I’d like to get us all involved here a little bit — (no web stalkers for this post please) share with your fellow blog readers some advice. It could be something you heard from a parent/grandparent/coach/teacher/pastor or it could be something you learned the hard way through mistakes or poor decisions. It could be serious or it could be hilarious (or somewhere in the middle). So now’s your chance people — we need some advice, we want to hear from you on any topic, anything, seriously…

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The Dora Umbrella

I just returned from walking my girls to the bus stop. It’s a raining morning so both girls took umbrellas to keep them dry while we waited for the bus. Once they get on the bus, they hand me the umbrellas so I might bring them back home. So while I was walking back home with my “Dora” umbrella over my head (to keep me dry) I started reflecting…. before kids I wouldn’t be caught dead sporting a Dora umbrella. For that matter, I probably wouldn’t have driven a mini-van or let someone “do my hair” in a goofy fashion with pink bows. Kids change a person. And while you could say I was too vain back then or too concerned with my image and what other people think and you probably be right. But what I wonder about is why I am so comfortable with things I used to be totally uncomfortable with? Why did it not bother me when several neighbors saw me with a Dora umbrella? I guess there are those things in life that change and impact us enough that our value systems change. What we once thought was important no longer is and what we didn’t realize was important all of sudden is critical to survival.

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Brand New!

In the near future we will be launching a brand new web site for Grace Church Roseville — it’s been about a year in development and should be sweet! In the meantime you will see sporadic blog posts here but a full blown blog and lots of new content will be coming at you when the new site goes live.



Food in America

So here’s what I don’t get – how come we live in a country where there are no real borders between states and yet there are certain foods you can only get in some states and certain foods that only taste a certain way in a certain place? As I write this blog post I’m in NJ. I am enjoying the best pizza in the world along with amazing bagels. I eat pizza in MN but it’s nothing like the pizza here – and again I ask, why? What passes as a “bagel” in MN in about a 1/3rd the size and not nearly as tasty. But what I don’t get is there is no trade tax to make bagels in MN like they’re made here. No one in MN is banning the deliciousness of NJ pizza. And why no Caribou Coffee in NJ? Ok that’s maybe a little stretch because that is one company and I can’t expect them to expand to places I want them. But pizza and bagels are not the property of a franchise or company – it’s just the way they’re all made here.

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